English Football Clubs Allow CBD Sponsors

Reports from every end explicitly show that the CBD oil has continued to gain multifaceted attention in all spheres of life. And the football scene isn’t an exception.

The first sports club to receive a sponsorship offer from a CBD oil producing company is none else than the renowned Birmingham City FC.

The English football club in the United Kingdom, Birmingham City FC, was undoubtedly on the course of breaking a £1 billion mark in 2019. This was due to the 12-month sponsorship agreement it signed with the cannabis drink producing firm, Green Monkey.

Both parties’ one-year-long deal covers the supply of CBD drinks and products by the Green Monkey to the Football club. This service is expected to run throughout the match durations at the prestigious Trillion Trophy Stadium.

Furthermore, the groundbreaking deal will also oversee the club’s series of engagement events with the Green Monkey brand to continually promote the Birmingham-based company’s range. Green Monkey will also be making use of this football club’s advertisement outlets to promote their brand’s message of quality health and well-being.

When it comes to the events that have occurred in the sporting world, this sponsorship is groundbreaking, remarkable, and first of its kind. It’s the first occurrence of witnessing a cannabis oil company enter the mainstream market to sponsor an English football club like the Birmingham City FC.

If you look closely at the history of CBD and the circumstances surrounding its legalization, you will discover that this kind of deal is unprecedented. Typically, the legalization of CBD consumption has been met with uncertainty regarding restrictions, specifically in advertisements outlets. This is the first deal that will place a CBD company as a major sponsor of a renowned sporting club in England.

The 250ml carbonated canned CBD drink from Green Monkey contains 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD, and it was launched in November 2018. Since the beginning of the production of this drink, it has recorded over a million sales. As part of the 12-month agreement, the drink will be available at bars, specifically in the corporate areas. Similarly, it will also be available in hospitality areas in the form of cocktails such as “Gin and Green” and “Monkey Mojito.”

In expressing his delights on reaching this agreement, Ian Dutton, the chief commercial officer of the Blues, said, “We are delighted to be one of the first clubs to partner with a CBD Drinks brand.” He posited further that “As a club, we are always looking to be innovating and create an industry first with our partnerships program.”

He concluded it was clear from the beginning that a partnership with Green Monkey CBD was going to allow us to deliver a new and unique offering for our fans on matchdays. So, we look forward to having their very distinctive green cans available across our kiosk and hospitality areas.” With this agreement, it is believed that this will lead to more widespread CBD popularity in the UK and possible legalization in other parts of the world.

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