DCBD CBD Tincture 1000MG THC Free


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Can’t have THC because of drug screens or other reasons. The Dodd CBD Co CBD tincture is made with MCT oil and Cannabidiol isolate and is very affordable in pricing compared to our competition. We use 99.9% Pure CBD isolate sourced from our processing facility in Colorado. The reason we use MCT oil is because it’s Keto friendly and if taken in the morning can help jump start the body’s metabolism, additionally MCT is able to permeate the Blood / Brain barrier so it can reach CB-1 receptors in the brain.

Each bottle contains 30ML of MCT Oil infused with CBD isolate, there is absolutely no THC in this product.


Anyone who would like to check out our COA for products please click here http://tiny.cc/DCBDCOA there you can access all COA’s for Flower, Topicals and Tinctures.

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