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Urb White Whale CBG Flower – 3.5 Grams – Sativa

CBD and THC are all the talk in the cannabis industry these days but there’s one that seems to get left out, Cannabigerol or as most of you know it as CBG.

Well now you can get more acquainted with the smell, flavor, and potential effects with CBG!

Urb is becoming very popular in the CBD space for there outstanding CBD/CBG hemp flower!

Smoking flower is one of the most familiar consumption methods with cannabis, and now you can get your daily dose of CBG in a flavorful smokeable flower from Urb.

The Urb CBG flower leverages the strain White Whale, with this sativa strain you will be met with the sweet aroma of sweet and citrus, hoppy and berry.

Now you can get your hands on the White Whale CBG Flower by Urb in a convenient 3.5 gram package that’s been sealed to preserve the natural goodness of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp flower.

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CBG & CBD flower should be looked at as a full spectrum product, meaning it can contain up to 0.3% THC, so if you get drug tested we’d recommend staying away from smokeable flower, and opt for a CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD product.

Additional Information:

  • Under 0.3% Total THC
  • High-Grade, Smokeable Flower
  • Purity Tested, No Metals or Pesticides


  • 3.5 Grams of Premium White Whale Smokeable CBG Flower

How to Use the Urb White Whale CBG Flower

The Urb White Whale CBG flower is a high-grade, smokeable flower that can be used to roll up a joint or blunt, but can also be used in your favorite glass smoking device.

What Does White Whale CBG Flower Taste Like?

When smoked or vaped, White Whale buds typically have a tangy, citrus-like flavor and aroma. Even though you can’t get high from smoking White Whale, it tastes similar to other top shelf cannabis buds.

What Is CBG Flower?

One of the more unique cannabinoids, CBG (cannabigerol) is being researched for its unique properties – it’s been coined as the stem cell of cannabinoids. CBG-A is the precursor to THCA, CBDA, and CBCA; meaning that it’s more widely available in younger, fresher buds. Because of this, CBG flower strains like White Whale often have particularly white trichomes – hense the strain name White Whale and Wedding Cake

Recommended Storage

To preserve the outstanding quality of your White Whale CBG Flower by Urb, please store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, or humidity.


The Urb CBG flower is not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach from children.


The effects of CBG can have a large positive impact for many different people. CBG is believed to help with anxiety, depression, glaucoma, and many other ailments. The effects of CBG can vary, and it is always important to check what works best for you. Because of the entourage effect, using CBG flower is thought by many to be the most effective. As cannabinoid research continues, we will learn more applications for this fascinating plant.

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