Why Whoopi Goldberg’s CBD Business Shut Down

If you’ve got a slight connection with American comedy entertainers, you’re probably familiar with Whoopi Goldberg. She is one of the most entertaining artists, and the community much appreciated her work. Whoopi Goldberg has won Emmy Award, a Grammy award, and an Academy Award for her exceptional skills at making people laugh. Besides her achievements in the showbiz industry, Whoopi also made a name for herself in the CBD market.

In 2016, Whoopi Goldberg started her own CBD brands in collaboration with Maya Elisabeth. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Maya Elisabeth is the biggest name for CBD edibles. Her company won numerous awards for manufacturing the best edibles in the market. She also won the most significant award of them all, the ten High Times Cannabis Cup award innumerable times. Whoopi & Maya is the result of Whoopi’s and Maya’s collaboration.

In the early days, Whoopi & Maya brand was mostly focused on providing medical cannabis herbals that could help with menstrual cramps and discomfort that women often had to suffer from. The herbal products were a success, and in a brief period, Whoopi & Maya products gained a lot of popularity across the country. Their products were available in more than 250 medical cannabis dispensaries.

Starting with “Relax” tincture, which was advertised as a product to help with menstrual cramps, did well and received positive reviews from all over the country. However, regulatory authorities made it clear to her that doctors will only prescribe medical cannabis to those suffering from ‘real pain’. Whoopi made it clear to the world that no matter what these people say, medical cannabis is an option for women to help with the cramps.

Later on, Whoopi & Maya launched a new line of products that included CBD balm and tinctures to offer the best CBD products. The new line of the product also did quite well, and the sales were going up. However, when Whoopi and Maya were thinking of expanding their business Colorado, the worst happened when Maya and Whoopi decided to part ways.

Even though the company was doing well, they both decided that it was the time to say ciao to the partnership and follow their careers. In February of 2020, the website was officially shut down, and all the products were also discontinued. Cusick, one of the company board members, said that the company had to go through many tough times when the new government policies kicked in, and from time to time, they frequently had to make changes to the company, which was getting very tough. In an interview with CNN, he said that Whoopi & Maya couldn’t adapt to the changes, which was the reason behind the company’s demise.

Despite all the drama, Whoopi Goldberg’s effort will always be appreciated, and she will remain the queen of CBD.

That’s all, folks!

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